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who we are

The sometimes bold, sometimes delicate, always sophisticated couture jewellery produced by design duo cinelli & maillet, evokes intrigue and demands attention.

Working from their Toronto studio, Lisa Cinelli and Jean Sebastien Maillet have spent several years developing their range of modern and precious jewellery pieces attracting fans across North America (including Cate Blanchet). Combining enamel with gold and silver with gem stones such as diamonds and moonstones, they create provocative pieces of wearable art.

Enamel is the signature of cinelli maillet, they employ an ancient process that fuses glass to metal by tediously 'wet packing' and firing each piece individually.  There are forms of initiation enamel on the market but none are as beautiful and sturdy as glass enamel. cinelli maillet believe that the results are worth the involved process.

The cinelli  maillet collection is available in various galleries across North America and Europe.