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showing the love

I’ve received my Cinelli & Maillet ring and I love it even more than when my husband and I first saw the design in the Guild Shop! Please tell the artists how pleased I am to have their work. I am so grateful to find that the store is still showcasing artists in the same way I remember from years

Best regards,


I was in Toronto over the weekend and bought your ‘sour grapes’ ring at the Guild Shop.

I have long been admirer of your jewellery (both at the TOAE and One of a Kind shows) but have never found just the right fit for my slender fingers. Now, at long last, I own a cinelli+maillet creation!

I love the combination of gem stones in this ring; moonstone is a particular favourite of mine and peridot and amethyst are my husband’s and my birthstones respectively.

Our home was burglarized a few years ago and most of my jewellery was stolen including a dozen rings. This statement piece by you has inspired me to slowly start replenishing my jewellery box. ‘Sour grapes’ is beautiful and I take great delight in noticing how differently the gems appear against the blue enamel in the changing light.

Your creative efforts will give me lasting pleasure.
Many thanks,


I love my bracelet! Thank you so much and I know Ethel loves her ring as well.
It is always a pleasure to do business with you and I always feel confident referring you.
Happy New Year,



“Omg I had forgotten how amazing the cufflinks are! Thank you so much! Bosses birthday is in November.....I will send you a picture!
Kind regards